Week In Review: 4/22-4/26

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1. Trump Impeachment

Top Democrats continue to debate whether or not President Donald Trump’s actions and ties with Russia are cause for impeachment.

Top read article (SlantID L3) from The Washington Post: To impeach or not to impeach? That is now the question.

2. Biden Announces Campaign 

Former Vice President Joe Biden official entered the 2020 presidential race with an announcement video shared online. He joins a number of other Democrat candidates in his bid for the White House.

Top read article (SlantID R2) from The Washington Examiner: Biden will enter the Democratic primary Wednesday 

3. Trump & Twitter

On Tuesday, President Trump met with Twitter CEO in the Oval Office for a closed-door meeting with other White House officials.

Top read article (SlantID L4) from The Daily Beast.

4. Illegal Immigrant Crisis

Last week, the Trump administration suggested the idea of halting a policy that allows some undocumented immigrants access to public housing, which many proclaimed “unfair.”

Top read article (SlantID L5) from Mother Jones.

5. North Korea-Russia Summit

Russian president, Vladimir Putin met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, offering Russia’s help in breaking deadlock over North Korea’s nuclear weapon program.

Top read article (SlantID R1) from The Independent.

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