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What is gnomi?

gnomi is an innovative mobile application that offers transparent, simple and clear slant grading of top news articles.  We make news articles approachable, identify media bias and provide you with easy choices to determine your own opinions and beliefs on the topics most important or impactful to your life. gnomi is there so you can get to know you. With gnomi you can ignore the rant, see the slant, and stay informed.

How does gnomi work?

At gnomi, we employ teams of “coders” to evaluate the content of the latest news articles. All of our coders go through a rigorous training course that aims to bring about uniformity in the evaluation process, and screens for coders who demonstrate bias in how they evaluate articles. Coders score articles for a variety of factors, including (a) the political slant of sources that authors cite, (b) the political slant of criticisms and praise in the articles, (c) editorializing on the part of an article’s author, and (d) particularly inflammatory language in the article. Critically, our coders only evaluate the text of the article – they are not shown the source or author of the article, in order to filter out personal bias. These factors are then processed through a proprietary algorithm that leverages the latest in machine learning technology to arrive at a “slant” score for each article.

What is SlantID?  

Our proprietary grading system that combines human graders, algorithm and machine learning to produce an objective and true slant on news articles.  No guesswork. Is it more extreme or is it more neutral? The grade is there in blue or red. SlantID provides you with the real story on every story so you can decide where you stand.

Why purple?  

Gnomi’s mission is to lessen the divide amongst the political parties. The colors red (Republican party) and blue (Democratic party) mixed together create purple, which signifies common ground. Purple is rarely used in politics, and by having this be our core color, we represent a new way to view politics. In addition to our purple view on politics, purple represents the company’s origins in Minnesota. Prince and our NFL team are known for their signature purple and now gnomi is displaying its purple colors with great pride.

How can I trust the grades on gnomi?

We use human graders, not the “crowd”,  journalists, special interests or app users to grade our articles.  Each grader is certified after completing a rigorous test set of articles to assess their credibility, consistency and personal bias.  This is then applied along with our proprietary algorithm to assign an objective grade or SlantID. Graders do not know, nor communicate with each other.  Each article is independently graded by at least 2 different humans as well as fed into our algorithm providing 3 points of comparison before assigning a final grade. This makes our app free of invasion by foreign bots, special interest groups, journalists, politicians or extremists of any sort.

Where and how do you get articles for gnomi?

We aggregate articles from over 50 national, global and local news sources in real-time. The articles are evaluated for relevance, topic and date to ensure the most pertinent to the day. With gnomi, the latest news is never difficult to decipher.

Where and how do you get the topics for gnomi?

We employ specialized curators who update our topics based on the news of the day. They use a variety of search techniques to find and add topics to the app. Over 50 sources are from the broad spectrum of conservative to liberal media outlets including popular blogs, opinion pieces and traditional news.

How can you assure objectivity in gnomi?

Once articles are graded the algorithm takes over.  We have consulted with a variety of political science professionals who dedicate their time to analyzing surveys, words, beliefs, bias and human responses to understand how opinions are formed.  Our algorithm uses these data points to analyze each article incorporating the human grades to determine the final and objective slant.

Is my data safe on gnomi?

We never ask for and therefore never save your name.  We developed gnomi so you could get to know the news slant and perhaps yourself better, not for us to delve into your personal life.  Our app does not scrape any personal information from your phone or other apps. We simply use your zip code, gender and age along with helpfulness ratings and sharing statistics to best pinpoint reaction to and efficacy of the articles and topics.

How does gnomi make money?

We offer special interest groups, politicians, media outlets and others the opportunity to apply their material to our proprietary SlantID so they can be graded.  They can then share via the app or in their own materials. We also share reaction and usage statistics based on zip code, gender and age to those same groups for a monthly subscription fee allowing them to gauge the temperature of the population on various topics helping them shape their platforms, alter their approach or even change their stance.

What do the grades mean?

SlantID is another term for the grades. The grade reveals the level of bias and slant in an article. SlantID consists of a progressive scale to easily and accurately display the level of bias in an article. The scale goes from Liberal 5 (L5) to Republican (R5). SlantID = slant transparency at its finest.

Does gnomi cover global news?

We are currently focusing on political news in the US. We hope to have a global audience in addition to readers in the US. Maybe one day we will provide SlantID for the latest world news!

Why don’t you show news with slant in addition to neutrally slanted news?

Some people prefer to have their news sources with some slant or bias; it’s a matter of preference. gnomi allows for readers to select articles that have the amount of slant to their liking and through our algorithm have found that most articles have some slant, none are truly neutral.

What is gnomi’s goal?

To lessen the divide amongst those with different political views, so that we can feel more safely able to voice our opinions. To give true meaning to the term UNITED States by helping unite one another through finding your own voice. We know that the vocal minority runs the show as far as the media goes right now; we simply want the silent majority to have a say and be able to own their opinions, as well. We hope that the media will use gnomi to show their site or article grades to their viewers; building viewer trust in politics and how our media gives us news. We also grade politicians per request, so you can see their overall SlantID, or their SlantID per issue so you can make educated votes when election time comes around.

At gnomi, we are constantly revising and updating our approach to news evaluation, and we welcome feedback on our approach to identifying political slant in the news.

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