Sick of Being Manipulated by the Media!

“If it’s true that nothing is more potent than an idea, then those who control the media can direct minds en masse.” 
   ― Lance Morcan

In the media today, bias and rhetoric run rampant. In fact, most Americans can’t even name a neutral news source. In our busy lives, it seems that we only have the choices of: reading biased news and being manipulated by the media, or avoiding news and being out of the loop. Nowadays, if you want to be up-to-date and unaffected by media bias, you have to search through countless media sources and try to separate the rhetoric and rants from the actual news itself. For the majority of Americans, sifting through news sources all day to stay informed simply isn’t achievable. The point of gnomi, a news aggregator app that grades media bias and shows you both sides of the news, is to limit the effects of media bias for the silent majority of people who just want to be up-to-date and informed. With gnomi, you don’t have to choose between reading rants and avoiding news all together. gnomi makes news simple and convenient, all the while granting you the ability to form your own opinions and be informed on today’s top news topics. In a world ruled by media bias and rhetoric, gnomi makes it easy to ignore the rants and see the slants.

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