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Access to transparent news should be easy! With gnomi, you can see news from multiple sources, no hassles, no extra research, just transparency in the news.  



Our proprietary scoring method for rating the news, SlantID gives you a quick view of how slanted an article is before you read it, giving you the power to form your own opinions. Each article is graded based on its bias by human graders and artificial intelligence. After you read one side of the news, simply swipe or tap the SlantID to see the other side! 


Found an article that you think others could benefit from?  Share it!  Share to your social networks, via text, email or other methods.  gnomi works with iOS and Android native sharing apps.  Give the gift of transparency to your networks today. 


All of the latest news and hottest topics are at your fingertips.  Each topic includes a short description and has articles with varying slant so you can see, read and decide for yourself.  Scroll and find the topic most interesting to you. 


Any article you read is available for you to find later, pull up your history and read it again, share it or view your helpfulness rating. 


Free of Charge

gnomi is our gift to our readers because we believe in calling out media bias and providing a transparent news experience for everyone. We hope that gnomi will ultimately lead to less division and more discourse. 

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