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Here at gnomi, our mission is to provide transparency in the news by grading the level of media bias in various news sources. We hope that by clearly identifying bias and allowing both sides of the news to be viewed with just a swipe, that everyone can have a better understanding of today’s top news and their own opinions. We realize that most people aren’t extremists, and that’s why we believe that if everyone can understand their values, politicians will be moved to represent the silent majority of people. We want people to be well-informed like never before, and to stop letting the vocal minority speak for all of us.  

At gnomi, it doesn’t matter what your political slant is, or what your beliefs are; we believe that everyone has the right to own and voice their opinion and that politicians should work towards representing the silent majority of the United States more accurately. 

gnomi top news aggregator


gnomi is a beautifully simple, easy-to-use news app available right at your fingertips. gnomi grades articles on today’s top news and assigns a “SlantID” to them by measuring media bias through both artificial intelligence and human graders. Using gnomi, viewing the latest news from another perspective has never been easier. Be well-informed and see through media bias with gnomi today.

gnomi top news aggregator


In the media today, editors, authors, reporters, and illustrators all (inadvertently or not) influence the slant of an article. Even an inarguable fact can contribute to the slant of an article, based on the way it is presented and which facts are chosen. This is why we created an analytical, color-blind approach to identifying slant in articles, which led to the creation of SlantID.

Our Process: First and foremost, our curators utilize analytics and web crawlers to retrieve the most relevant and popular topics and articles. Then, our system automatically strips out the author and source, as it is not needed for the grading process.

After that, we analyze articles using an unbiased, statistical, and consistent methodology utilizing both artificial intelligence and a team of trained human graders. Our use of artificial intelligence is to provide a machine-like consistency when grading articles. On the other hand, our human graders grade the articles using a proprietary algorithm (which was developed by a team of noted and published professors from various universities) to provide as little margin of error as possible.

Our human graders are all extensively trained, monitored, and have no connection nor communication with each other. The purpose of our extensive process is to filter out any external bias to get the most accurate SlantID possible.

Blue and Red SlantID Grading System
gnomi top news aggregator


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