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If you have the gnomi app already (of course you do!), you know bias in the media is an issue. But did you know that 90 percent of the news is controlled by just a handful of companies? Whether your news is coming from online, print, TV or radio, chances are it is from a source owned by one of the “big six” media giants that dominate the industry.

The Big Six Media Companies:

  • Comcast Corporation/NBC Universal
  • 21st Century Fox
  • Viacom
  • CBS Corporation
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Time Warner

Why does it matter?

Because of the narrow scope and heavy influence on politics and the economy, this is a problem. These companies hold great power and are responsible for deciding what information is shared around the world. Moreover, majority of readers get their news from sources they trust as credible without thinking beyond the biases each reflects. However, according to a 2016 study by Pews Research Center, 75 percent of Americans say that it is never acceptable for a news organization to favor one political organization over others when reporting the news. The lack of transparency in the media is what inspired the gnomi news app!

By revealing the level of media bias in any given article, gnomi users have the opportunity to get a new perspective and determine where they stand. News readers today are demanding more transparency than they are able to get from current news outlets. With gnomi, users are able to decipher the bias and have a clear understanding of the news they are consuming.

This is why we appreciate what independent news outlets and organizations are doing to bring attention to the discrepancy in the media. And at gnomi, we are excited to include an increasing amount of information from these sources on the gnomi app. It’s time we break free from big media and take back control over our views AND our news.

Here are just a few independent thinkers that are disrupting big media…

Listen First Project 

Who they are: Listen First Project is a platform that creates opportunities and teaches skills for conversations with a mission of “creating a stronger and more equitable future for our nation, as well as better relationships in our daily lives.” Through the hashtag #ListenFirst, they are on a mission to bridge the divide that separates us as a nation.

Why we love them: Listen First’s goal is to bring people who have opposing views on politics and social issues rather than tear them apart. By listening to one another, and educating ourselves on both sides of the issues affecting us all, a healthier future is within reach.

National Conversation Project 

Who they are: National Conversation Project (NCP) is an extension of the Listen First Project. NCP promotes National Weeks of Conversation as well as #ListenFirst Fridays on social media with the goal of creating conversations to revitalize America.

Why we love them: through the hashtag #ListenFirst on social media, National Conversation Project’s mission is rooted in bringing people together to converse, connect and develop relationships – regardless of their political views. Both gnomi and NCP share the common goal of lessening the divide that separates those with opposing views.

Better Angels 

Who they are: Better Angels is a movement that began with a mission of reducing political polarization in the United States by bringing together liberals and conservatives. Better Angels hosts workshops and events across the country that teach members about depolarization and the steps we can take to depolarize politics.

Why we love them: they understand that it is not about changing minds or being right or wrong, but rather about creating a society that is better informed on both sides – recognizing the common humanities that tie us together. Gnomi was built upon these same standards – less division and more discussion is what we’re all about!

The Intercept 

Who they are: The Intercept is an adversarial journalism website with focus on in-depth investigations and analysis of topics such as politics, war, global affairs, environmental issues and the media. Their mission is to bring awareness to information not found on mainstream media outlets.

Why we love them: though some may disagree that The Intercept is a true independent source, we are all for any type of media that seeks to create a better informed public. The content shared on this site offers a different perspective than what can be found elsewhere.

The Conversation

Who they are: The Conversation is an independent news site that offers articles written by academic experts from a variety of fields on pressing political issues.

Why we love them: The Conversation is committed to information transparency and credibility, which is so important in a cluttered news environment. We also love that authors on The Conversation are only allowed to write on a subject on which they have proven expertise.

The Free Thought Project 

Who they are: The Free Thought Project is an independent media outlet whose mission is to expose corruption in the government by using the internet as a tool to voice opinions and share information.

Why we love them: The FTP believes that the internet can be used as a tool to bring people together to promote change. They offer a place for people, with varying political views, to come together. This same idea was the inspiration backing gnomi’s development.

American Public Square 

Who they are: The American Public Square is a nonpartisan nonprofit that is on a mission to change the tone and quality of public discourse. Nationwide, they organize and host events and programs that bring panelists and audience members with opposing views together to talk openly about controversial topics.

Why we love them: We love that American Public Square is using its platform to educate the American public on the importance of communication.

Bridge The Divide 

Who they are: Bridge the Divide is a student-founded political initiative that seeks to promote political conversation between youth. Through creating conversation between politically active students, they hope to bring positive change to how we communicate as a society.

Why we love them: BTD was founded, is run by, and is targeted to students (in over 30 countries across the world). It is so important that youth have a platform to voice their opinions and political views.

Get familiar with these independent news outlets and organizations, plus many more, when you download gnomi FREE today! Discover, swipe and #findyourgnomi with us.

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