gnomi: What Now?

Left or Right side?

gnomi has been released and is available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play store! So you may be wondering, what now?

Now it’s time to change the world! The purpose of gnomi is to not only make reading your daily news easier, but to change the world for the better! As it stands right now, media bias runs rampant on both sides of the news. As unpleasant as it is, media outlets have their own agendas and, for the most part, hope to sway those who consume their news to hold certain beliefs. The effects of media bias can be seen far and wide, from extreme division between American people, to pressure to identify with a political party.

At gnomi, we believe that it’s not “us” versus “them”, it’s simply a collective “us”. The beauty of our country is that we all hold different opinions, values, and ideas. gnomi hopes that providing transparent news, people can feel more freedom when it comes to forming and owning their opinions, instead of feeling boxed in by political labels or politicians who don’t represent the American people accurately. By showing both sides of the news, and grading for bias, we hope to aid everyone in being more open-minded and seeing through media bias. When everyone is well-informed on today’s top news, division will fade away and the United Staes can truly be united once and for all.

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