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gnomi is a political news aggregator app that grades media bias, and is available for download in the App Store and Google Play store. gnomi offers a multitude of articles on today’s top news topics, graded for bias by artificial intelligence and human graders, so that no bias can slip through the cracks. Creating an environment where viewpoints are never wrong, just left or right, gnomi brings readers and users together in a shared understanding of media bias. We identify the bias so you don’t have to.

“News readers today are demanding more transparency than they are able to get from current news outlets.  Now our readers and users will be able to decipher exactly what the bias is and have a clear understanding of the news they are consuming. Our users range from readers who want the briefest of updates to understand what’s really going on today to the complex and scientific individuals who are eager to analyze and scrutinize every topic and outlet.  gnomi is an app that beautifully adapts to each user’s needs,” says John Long, Founder and Chairman of gnomi.

The gnomi app features:

  • An innovative news reading experience: skim, read, analyze, interpret the latest news like never before
  • Scientific algorithm developed by a professor of political science that systematically assists in revealing media bias
  • SlantID: a new and unique method of grading news stories utilizing a progressive scale, paired with functionality that allows users to easily swipe to read another perspective
  • Relevant and timely top news topics; gnomi knows what you need to know, quickly catch up or review pertinent daily topics

Using gnomi, users will be able to discover even more about themselves, by understanding their own bias and slant. gnomi grants users the ability to form their own opinions, instead of having the media form opinions for them. We hope that by presenting news in a transparent way, that the silent majority of the United States will be better represented, in both the media and government.

More transparency, less division. That’s just the gnomi way.

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