experience the news your way

With gnomi, YOU decide what you want to read.

By clearly identifying media bias, and allowing both sides of the news to be viewed with just a swipe, our hope is that everyone can have a better understanding of today’s most important topics.

It doesn’t matter what your political slant is, or what your beliefs are; we believe that everyone has the right to own and voice their opinions.

bias uncovered

In the media today, editors, authors, reporters, and illustrators all (inadvertently or not) influence the slant of an article – they choose how an article is presented based on which facts are chosen. With gnomi, articles covering today’s top news are graded and assigned a “SlantID” by measuring media bias through both artificial intelligence and gnomi’s network of human graders.


gnomi is a beautifully simple, easy-to-use news app available right at your fingertips. Viewing the latest news from another perspective has never been easier – a simple swipe allows you to read articles from both sides. Discover the different views on today’s top news and see between the media bias with gnomi today!

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Real time transparency

Access to transparent news should be easy! With gnomi, you can see news from multiple sources all in one place. No hassles, no extra research, just transparency.

SlantID scoring method

With gnomi, each article is graded based on its degree of bias by human graders and artificial intelligence. After you read one side of the news, simply swipe or tap the SlantID to see the other side!

Share it

Found an article that you think others could benefit from? Share it! Share to your social networks, via text, email or other methods.

Easy to use interface

Each topic includes a short description and includes articles with its varying slant clearly stated, enabling you to read articles based on your SlantID preference.


We tackle the media bias because we feel strongly that a transparent news experience should be available to everyone. We believe in less division and more discourse around today’s news, which is why gnomi is our free gift to you!

Save it for later

Any article you read is stored in your article history, available for you to find later, read again, share, or view your relevance rating

our mission

We hope that by providing users with a simple way to view the news from both the LEFT and RIGHT side, that there will be less division and more discourse about the issues affecting our society. We believe transparency in the news is a freedom that we should all be able to access, and with gnomi this is possible!

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